10 Feel Good Things to Do Over the Holidays That Won’t Break the Bank!! By Lisa Corser

It’s the holiday season and summer is finally here.

It’s such a great feeling to lose track of the days and enjoy spending time with family and friends. One draw back is that it can get expensive.

If your budget is tight here are some wonderful things to do over Summer that cost next to nothing.

KINGS PARK: We went recently and it truly is just such a beautiful place to walk and explore. Kings Park is a winner in any season but over summer it is super special to pack a picnic and find a spot to just take in the natural beauty of our beautiful city park. It’s massive so get a map and work out where you want to go. We love the area just near the Boab garden, simply magical.

Kings Park – Swan River view….

Kings Park – Swan River view…



There is nothing like walking alone or with a loved one along the beach at sunset. I am always in awe of the incredible sunsets and cloud formations as the sun melts into the horizon. One of our best walking beaches is definitely Leighton. It is flat and an easy walk north or south. It’s spectacular at any time but over summer you will often see a group of sail boarders out riding the waves and offering an incredible view. Nature’s anti depressant!

Leighton Beach, North Fremantle at sunset

Leighton Beach, North Fremantle at sunset



Instead of going out to a café, invite a friend over in the comfort of your own home and catch up on all your news. Bake some fresh scones or muffins and enjoy some privacy. A group of my girlfriends and I do this regularly and we take turns at who will host. Its fun, easy, costs little and is special time spent with good friends.


If you have a few friends you can do this with, it works brilliantly. We have it down pat, I buy some magazines and couple of other friends buy other titles. This isn’t limited to magazines we also do this with novels. This really keeps costs down and is a fun way to exchange ideas and views.


Occasionally I do this with my daughter. I do her feet and hands and she does mine. It’s always a laugh and a great way to re-connect and have some deep and meaningful conversations. It may not have the finish of a professional manicure or pedicure but its fun, cheap and quality time spent with someone close.


This is such a Perth thing to do. We have some wonderful outdoor cinemas including the stunning Sommerville, Nedlands and Camelot, in Mosman Park. You can pack a picnic and buy a ticket for around $20 per adult. It’s such a great night out. Most venues open around 6.30pm and depending on the month, most movies begin at 8.15pm. Go online and book tickets and also look for the Cinema’s movie schedule. A beautiful night out on a limited budget.

Camelot, Mosman Park

Camelot, Mosman Park



Catch the train into town and head into the Perth Cultural Centre. It really is worthwhile if you have a spare half day. The Art Gallery of Western Australia is stunning and there is always something of interest to view. The newly renovated Western Australian Museum is also beautiful.

Close by is the State Theatre Centre which houses the Heath Ledger Theatre and around the corner is PICA. Both of these venues are well worth strolling through. There are some funky new boutiques and of course there’s great little eateries and bars to explore.

State Theatre Centre

State Theatre Centre



This newly completed quay is really gorgeous. It really makes you realize how Perth is maturing and growing into a real cultural hub. There are often attractions on at this site and plenty of restaurants, bars and shows.

Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay



The land of picnics and stunning beaches. Perhaps Perth’s most iconic beach, Cottesloe. You can’t come to Perth and not spend time at Cott. It is a beautiful beach to swim, paddle, surf, kayak at, depending on the weather.

Pack a picnic and head down for a sunset feast or a yummy lunch. There are some great pubs, restaurants and gelato venues straight opposite.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach



Fremantle has really come into its own of late. There has been a real improvement and face lift given to the City of Freo. If you head down to Fremantle you must visit the Fremantle Markets. They are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are so many cute market stalls selling fresh produce, skin care products, clothing, prints, coffee, herbal remedies, you name it they have it. There are always characters in Fremantle including some talented buskers. Well worth the visit.


Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets


Perth is truly a beautiful City but when we live here, we tend to get a little lazy and not explore our City as we should. I make a commitment to myself to try somewhere new or revisit somewhere loved each month. Put this on your to-do list and then when you have visitors from overseas or overstate you will be well versed on exactly where to go.

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