Over the past decade the global take on what to wear to an interview has changed dramatically. Certain high tech companies require staff to wear jeans, t-shirts and sneakers whilst more conservative businesses insist upon the more traditional interview attire.

When given the news of your confirmed interview, thoroughly research the company interviewing you and determine what the dress code is. Dress according to the company’s culture of dressing.

Don’t forget every industry has an expectation of dressing. If you work in a creative industry, dress accordingly. Wear edgy clothes, wear bold colours and do wear those over the top earrings!! People in these industries do get frustrated when seeing interviewees wearing black. They want to see what you are all about.

There is an old saying; `You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and investing the time and effort into looking well groomed, apart from making you feel great, could secure you the job.

Adopting a less is more’ philosophy when dressing for your interview with a conservative employers is a smart start to winning your interviewer over. A well cut suit or beautifully ironed shirt in white or cream and skirt in a navy blue or black is a winning combination. If you feel more comfortable wearing a dress, choose a simple, elegant, slightly fitted dress in navy or black. Refrain from loud prints/florals or bold colours, as you don’t want anything to distract from the interviewing process.

Wear a flat pump or mid heel, nothing too out there and keep the shoe colour neutral unless you want to bring attention to your shoes if co-ordinating with a bag or other accessories.

Take a non-fuss approach to hair and makeup. Keep makeup fairly neutral and clean – a little foundation and basic mascara, lip colour and blush. If you have short hair keep it neatly groomed and long hair, wear either in a loose bun or pony tail. Don’t forget to have clean finger nails and perhaps it is a good idea to refrain from wearing polish.

Accessorise smartly. Take a bag that doesn’t overwhelm but can finish your look perfectly. You may decide on a satchel, briefcase or handbag. If you do take a handbag make sure it is well organized so you aren’t fishing for a pen or your glasses mid way through the interview process.

Always, always make sure your mobile phone is on silent or switched off.

If you decide to wear jewellery to the interview, select a simple, elegant piece. A single neck piece or a pair of earrings or a simple ring. Don’t over do the jewels at an interview. Even one cocktail ring makes a statement with an elegant black dress and simple hair and makeup.

If you do decide to wear more than one piece of jewellery make sure the pieces compliment each other. A single strand of freshwater pearls with a pair of pearl studs will look stunning with a beautifully cut and fitted dress or with a silk shirt and skirt.

Just remember when attending an interview, always think about the image you are wanting to project.

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