Bone Broth it! By Lisa Corser


My beautiful grandmother was a bone broth junkie! I vividly recall on a cold winter’s day, heading over to Gran’s and watching her prepare her heavenly bone broth.

She would wax lyrical about the benefits of bone broth and how her mother’s, mother used to make the broth from animal bones and cook it for hours on end and produce a delicious, hearty, nutritious soup.

Broths and stocks have been staples in almost every culture for centuries but it seems in the last few years BONE BROTH has become the NEW BLACK.

Bottom line – broth made from animal bones and simmered for hours on end is being touted as a magic super food. It can aid in healing digestive issues, revive tired muscles or have anti inflammatory benefits and make brittle hair and nails a distant memory.

Bone broth was big in generations gone by as most savvy women shared the mentality to extract every last ounce when cooking. It was cheap, easy and low calorie to boot! A traditional bone broth made with good clean meat seems to have an immediate healing impact when you eat it.



A word of advice, if you are going to make the traditional bone broth and extract the goodness we are talking about, you need to simmer your bones for a minimum of 6-24 hours. The best bones to use are primarily beef, poultry, lamb and goat bones.

Cooking the bones for this duration breaks down the bones and extracts the collagen, amino acids and minerals, which culminates in the rich colour of the broth.

So the basic ingredients for Grandma’s broth are; good clean organic bones with filtered water and you may like to add some bay leaves and a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to further help extract the nutrients.

Bone broth can be eaten as a meal on its own or be used as an ingredient for many dishes including vegetable dishes, curries, braising, added to bolognaise sauce and makes an excellent roux.

There is no doubt about it – bone broth is the ultimate feel good pick me up! Add it to your menu this winter.

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