Breathtaking Oslo, Norway By Lisa Corser

If you are planning to travel to Europe, why not research some of the beautiful Nordic Countries?

As Aussies we usually opt for Southern European holidays but the Nordic region is simply breathtaking and so diverse.

I have been visiting Oslo since I was 21. I have visited no less than 6 times and every time is simply beautiful.

Oslo is a quick 2hour flight from London. We flew Norwegian Airlines, which was cheap but good. (Average flight price depending on day and time around 60 Euro.)

What I love about Northern Europe is it is so totally different from our landscape and lifestyle. If you love nature and lush vegetation, you will be blown away by the incredible beauty of this country. It boasts some of the most visually stunning and arresting vistas you are ever likely to encounter.

Oslo is an all year travel option. In winter, it is a mesmerizing winter wonderland, (cross country skiing is a daily staple) and in summer, you get to experience no less than 20-24 hours of blissful sunlight.

Norwegians are friendly and welcoming, the food is great, (salmon, goats cheese, roll mops, incredible bread), the public transport system is excellent and the city is clean, fresh and vibrant.

Some of the highlights on your travel list should be

The Oslo Opera House

Completed in 2007 by the architectural firm, Snohetta, the Opera House is definitely worth a visit. This stunning white marble structure is a very cleverly constructed, interactive building. The exterior is sensational and the use of oak and wood in the interior give it a warm and inviting vibe. It is centrally located right on the harbour and gives the impression this captivating building is actually rising from the fjord. You can walk from the edge of the water right up to the top of the Opera House and then walk the length of the roof.




The Viking Ship Museum

This museum is a must for any history buff. I had no idea just how far the Vikings travelled – as far as the Mediterranean and deep into Russia.   The museum houses some stunning Viking ships, sleighs, artefacts, clothing, jewellery and weapons from 1000AD.




The Norwegian National Gallery

Situated in the city centre, this Gallery houses some stunning pieces of art from talented Norwegian artists over the years. One can’t go past The Scream, (1893) by Edvard Munch, which, like any famous work of art, is so mesmerizing to see up close.




Akershus Fortress

Located in the city centre by the Oslo Fjord, this is a great place to discovery Oslo’s history and enjoy a Summers day.

Norwegian Folk Museum

This is one of Europe’s largest open air museums, with 155 traditional houses from all parts of Norway and an impressive Stave church from the year 1200.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Vigelandsparken is one of Norway’s most visited attractions with more than a million visitors a year. This unique park is the world’s largest with sculptures by a single artist, Gustav Vigeland.

It houses his lifework of over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron.




Olso is a dynamic, progressive City which is an absolute must if you are planning your next European overseas adventure. Remember it is a an absolute consideration either as a Winter or Summer option.



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