If you are looking for an alternative to regular cow’s milk or feel you may be dairy intolerant and in need of a change, you should definitely investigate cashew milk.

I began drinking this creamy elixir in earnest about 6 months ago. I have always been a die hard tea girl, with my mandatory full cream milk. I never imagined I could give up my morning fix, just the way I liked it but this incredibly creamy alternative has completely won me over!

In fact I was out the other day and couldn’t drink my tea with cow’s milk! I am a converted cashew milk lover!!

Home made organic cashew milk is full of Vitamin K, which assists in blood clotting and building strong bones. It is also rich in iron and magnesium. Magnesium works with hundreds of enzymes and helps to support your immune system.

To make your own cashew milk, you will need to invest in a good quality milk bag. These can be purchased at any health food store and cost approximately $15.00.

You will also need a glass jar with lid to store your milk in.

I use a cup of organic cashews to approx. 2 cups of filtered organic water. I add one date (pitted) and a pinch of salt.

I blend all these ingredients in my nutri- bullet for about a minute. As cashew nuts are soft, you do not need to soak them over night. I have perfected my recipe by using warm water with my cashews so the end product is still warm for my first cuppa.

You take the contents of the nutri- bullet and pour directly into your open nut bag, which is sitting over a pouring jug.

Gently massage and squeeze the contents out and what you have left in your pouring jug is this pure, beautiful, rich, creamy cashew milk.

Pour this immediately into the glass jar and seal and pop into the fridge.

The rest of the cashew pulp left in the bag can be placed into a seal tight container and used later to make any number of recipes requiring cashew pulp.

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