Corsetry Couture Anniversary

In 1983 a female performer burst onto the US charts with her unique voice, sensational dance moves and eclectic sense of dressing.

Her name was MADONNA and she quickly became a global phenomenon.

Adolescent girls worldwide did not hesitate to copy every fashion move she made in the 80’s - think big hair, tulle skirts, ripped and cropped t-shirts, loads of plastic bracelets and the signature crucifix and black bra.


Medieval Pearl cross necklace

By 1990 the Queen of Pop had morphed into a taut, sex goddess wearing jaw dropping couture during her Blond Ambition Tour.

The debut of Jean Paul Gaultier’s pink satin conical bra corset on stage had the world talking (as did the dance routines) and the fashion world noticing Madonna’s astute sense of fashion.


 Jean Paul Gaultier’s pink satin cone bra – NGV exhibition


Madonna had defied convention by channeling her sexuality through her costume.

The utilization of the corset as outer wear and its extreme design challenged the social norm of corsetry being unseen, feminine and restricting a woman’s ability to move.

Madonna flouted her underwear on stage to crowd’s all over the globe and women enjoyed a new sense of sexual freedom as a result of Madonna wearing the pink satin conical bra corset.

How quickly time flies… it seems hard to believe this was 30 years ago!

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