Detox and Why!

Toxins are ubiquitous.  We can't escape them...

A BILLION kilograms of chemicals are released into the environment every year!

‘Nearly 2 million years’ of relative purity has not prepared us for the post-industrial toxic burden we all carry.

So how do we KNOW if our bodies are detoxing and not accumulating in our body, messing with our cells, our bio-synthesis, our neuro-pathways, our minds and our children's health?

Some clues:

  • Do you have stubborn weight or belly fat you can’t lose no matter what you do?
  • Feel bloated?  
  • Experience mysterious lethargy, moodiness, unstable blood sugars? 
  • Have excess gas?  
  • Irregular bowel movements?  
  • Or kids who are anxious, moody or exhibit unruly behaviour?  
  • Or perhaps you feel like something just isn’t right?

These ailments can be the result of a body weighed down with toxins.

Why?  The body cleverly stores toxins in fat cells or organs as a protective mechanism when in overload.

You may be healthy and eating well but if your liver and organs aren’t working at full capacity, your ‘systems’ - immune, nervous, endocrine (hormone), respiratory, lymphatic, reproductive, circulatory, digestive, etc - can be impacted … which helps explain WHY;

  • you can’t reach our ideal weight, and in fact mysteriously keep putting weight on!
  • energy remains unexplainably low
  • digestion is weak and you experience bloating, constipation, reflux or irritable bowel symptoms
  • immunity is compromised.  You seem to be constantly sick or get every bug ‘going around’.
  • You feel uncharacteristically irritable or anxious or
  • Your stress response is hard to manage and more similar to a short fuse.

Could it all be so intricately linked to this one menace TOXINS…   Yes!   Especially if you’ve tried everything else to ease your ailment, it might be time to consider a detox.

Kate Barnes 17 ways to detoxify naturally;

  1. Reduce inflammatory foods (gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processed foods.)
  2. Increase whole, seasonal and preferably organic foods.
  3. Add lemon, fermented foods, dark leafy greens, beetroot, chlorella, garlic, sprouts, coriander – especially.
  4. Try liver and other organ loving foods and herbs e.g. milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock root, slippery elm or licorice root.
  5. Add in healthy fats e.g. coconut products, avocado, ghee, eggs, olives.
  6. Drink filtered water.
  7. Get enough restorative sleep.
  8. Upgrade cleaning, personal hygiene and beauty products to natural, tox free products.
  9. Monitor the use of electronic equipment in the home and remove it from the bedroom.
  10. Review radiation exposure in the home.
  11. Move regularly.
  12. Turn the wifi off before bed.
  13. Use essential oils.
  14. Get more sunshine.
  15. Cleanse or detox carefully (see below). Detoxing can place stress on the body.  It’s important to detox when you are less busy and can make time for taking life a little quieter i.e. create a mini retreat in your own home.
  16. Eliminate toxic thoughts!
  17. Listen to your body and what it needs.

If any of these are new to you, you don’t need to jump in and upgrade all these choices at once!   Choose 1 or 2 that resonate, upgrade your choice, and start to integrate it until it’s becomes ‘just a way of life’ then turn your attention to your next best choice.

And if your symptoms are chronic or you sense toxicity is an issue for you or your family seek medical advice and work with your Doctor or Health Practitioner on a detoxification program.

Or join me on my next online 'Gentle Cleanse' in February 2018.  Check out the details at or email me at for information on how to do the cleanse unguided.

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