Dry Skin Brushing By Lisa Corser

I have always been an advocate of dry skin brushing. I have been skin brushing for years, not always consistently but when I am on form, I try and brush at least a few times per week before I have a shower.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and dead cells amass at an astounding rate. By brushing we help move the dead skin and stimulate the system aiding in circulation, detoxification, increasing metabolism and lymphatic drainage.

Dry skin brushing has a very energizing effect on the body, it’s easy to do, takes a minimal amount of time and leaves you feeling vibrant. Remember to always use a dry brush and brush on a dry skin.




When you skin brush, always brush toward the heart and work from the left to right hand side of the body and use a natural brush void of any plastic.

Plant based bristle body brushes are my brush of choice. Plant bristles from the coconut husk or agave or tapioca plant are great as they will not scratch the skin and are of a high quality and will last longer.

Clean your brush after every use with a tea tree spray. Work out what strength of brushing is best for you but don’t brush too hard.   Don’t brush if you are in an active cancer state, on aggravated skin or after shaving your legs.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant and considering brushing. It is normal to have a slight reddening of the skin after brushing but if any reaction should occur stop immediately. If you want to brush but have very sensitive or severe dry skin, begin by using a very soft brush.

After your shower, lather the body with organic coconut oil or an organic oil of your choice.

Make this a part of your weekly routine and within a few weeks you will really see the benefits of this easy and enjoyable ritual.

Bodecare wellness and Spa Products have a great range of brushes and a most informative website so worth checking it out.


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