Failing to plan is planning to fail By Lisa Corser

How can we live our lives more time effectively, when we are living in a technological world in which time waits for no one?
We would all love to live more efficient, flowing, peaceful lives but how do we achieve this?

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Simple tips to guarantee greater efficiency and productivity in your life

I still keep a physical diary. Sounds archaic but I like the written word, the connection of pen with paper and I always schedule and prioritise my days.

If you use your phone or other devices, it’s a good idea to plan your day ahead, either the night before or early that morning so you have a clear view on what your day may look like.

A good idea is to write lists, and prioritise about what is urgent, important and perhaps what needs to be achieved in the near future.

If you are a post it girl, POST IT!

If you run a list in your head rather than a physical list, do it.

If you are a light sleeper and find yourself waking for periods of time during the night, keep a pen and paper by your bed and write down whatever comes to mind. It’s amazing in this solitude and quiet how effective and creative this time can be.

If you run a business, DELEGATE. You have to trust the talent you have employed to do their job and take responsibility.

Block all social media while you are at work unless it is directly related to your working day.

Sort your emails. Don’t tackle them all at once. You can snooze emails for later if this technique works for you. Batch your emails, tackle them at a time when you can respond. Live by the L.I.F.O. – Last in first out – answer the last email first and work backwards.

Remember with emails – the more you send, the more you receive, so be ruthless with who you respond to and unsubscribe and trash as much as you can.

Keep a clean, clear working space. De-clutter your work environment. Work where it works for you.

Learn to say NO. Such a beautiful, powerful, sexy word. In fact my new best friend. If you spread yourself too thin and over-commit, you may, end up feeling frustrated and irritated.

Don’t aim for perfection. Over rated and un-realistic, it’s all about balance.

Try and take 30 every single day to exercise. Walk, run, swim, do whatever appeals to you for 30 minutes every day. It’s amazing the clarity and peace of mind this gives you.

Never under-estimate a good night’s sleep. Try and aim for 7 hours per night and try and get to bed before 10pm. Don’t take your devices to bed with you, this is your time for tranquility and peace.

By valuing your time and working effectively, you are making space for your ultimate goal – to be able to relax and enjoy the gift of your precious down time.

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