Gone Potty… By Lisa Corser


Let’s get straight down to business – are you happy with your toilet posture and are you experiencing a full elimination when you go?

The modern ceramic bowl may be comfortable for some but one questionable action is that it requires us to sit rather than squat for our elimination. Some medical doctors, naturopaths and holistic professionals believe that elevating your feet during an elimination is healthier and places less stress on the colon. In short the colon doesn’t fully relax whilst we are in the seated position.

Better elimination may decrease some modern day aliments such as bloating, straining, haemorrhoids, help ease constipation and assist people with pelvic floor issues.

Simple constipation may be attributed to sitting on a toilet seat for a bowel elimination. The principle cause could be the obstructive nature of the recto-anal angle when we eliminate from the seated position.

When we elevate the knees or squat during elimination, it prevents this excessive straining.

Urinary flow is also stronger and easier for women who squat to urinate. The bladder is more completely emptied and this may also help reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections.


One simple modern day option or solution is the `Squatty Potty’. This Potty is an innovative, easy to use, toilet stool, which can be used by everyone, (as the stool comes in different heights).

By placing this stool around the base of your conventional toilet, it enables you to bring your body into a better evacuation position by bringing your knees naturally upwards. The Squatty Potty mimicks a natural squat position and is ergonomic and affordable. It is available at most chemists and some department stores.


Robert Edwards who designed the squatty potty explains physiologically we were designed to squat to poop. A great example is children who are still in diapers. They squat to poop. When they learn to use the conventional toilet it seems it is a most un-natural position and transition for them, they still instinctively want to squat.

Wellness Mama blogger, Katie, said she noticed an immediate difference with the squatty potty. Katie said it felt so natural and to sit in the `normal position’ again felt odd. She highly recommends the toilet step and I too am in the process of taking delivery of my squatty potty.

Will keep you posted but recommend it’s worth a try.

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