Long Live The King!

I just love tennis and am definitely a Federerphile!

It is hard not to be excited about the upcoming US Open, the final leg of the International Tennis Federations Grand Slam tour.

It commences on the 27 August and if the tournament is like Wimbeldon, anything is possible and anyone could win!

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The Greatest of them all, Roger Federer is posed to compete for his sixth US Open title. The last time he won was in 2008 (after winning five US tournaments in a row.)

Even though Federer is 37, he is still very capable of winning a Grand Slam tournament and adding to his vast collection of 20 Grand Slam singles titles (yes 20!) He proved this earlier this year by winning The Australian Open.  

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Rewind to Wimbledon in July this year. The weather was incredible, everyone was sipping Pimms and the crowd was filled with international celebs from all walks of life.

The unthinkable happened during the Men’s Semifinals…..Federer was defeated and ultimately dethroned as the King of Wimbeldon!

On his way to claiming His Crown for the ninth time, the South African Kevin Anderson played the match of his life to beat the King of the Centre Court.  


The next day my girlfriend and I spoke on the phone about the match (which was a nail-biter and went on for hours.) We were both quite outraged that Federer had been beaten.

Where was this written in the script? How dare the man we both love, Mr Super Nice Guy and the ultimate gentlemen, be removed from his throne and denied his Crown!!

We both decided there needed to be a Royal Commission into the outcome of the match. It just had to be replayed with the right result!! As if!!!

Image from Pixabay 

Fast forward to next week at the US Open…. It wouldn’t surprise me if Federer reaches the Men’s Final and wins the tournament. And bags a sixth US Open title at 37!


The King of Tennis will raise his trophy and the crowd will chant…


Long Live the king!






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