Mother’s Day By Lisa Corser

Like any celebratory occasion, Mother’s Day can bring mixed emotions for many of us. If you have lost your Mum, it can be a day of reflection and sadness. If your Mum is elderly or ill, it can be a confronting day. If you are lucky enough to still have your beautiful Mum in good heath, it can be a day of celebration and special moments.

My gorgeous Mum is 85 this year and still very active. I am lucky. One thing I have learnt latterly is the most precious gift I can give Mum is time. Our ageing parents love nothing more than just spending time with us. So while compiling my Mother’s Day Wish List, I thought I’d begin with what I will be doing this Mother’s Day for Mum.

Make the time to spend some quality time with your Mum. Put your phone away and just sit and talk. Reminisce and ask questions about her childhood.

I am going to take over some food and pour all my love into preparing and cooking her favourite meal. Mum and Dad love nothing more than the process of me cooking for them in their kitchen.

Buy a bunch of beautiful disbud Chrysanthemum’s.

I love this Mother’s Day flower and even though they are expensive they last!



I am a firm believer in the written word. So to write a beautiful heartfelt note or card for your Mum is sure to make her day. I always re-read the beautiful cards my daughter has written me over her life and they still bring a tear to my eye.

Remember ladies it’s pamper all the way, so organise a full body/back/neck or foot massage.

Book your Mum in for a spa manicure and or pedicure.

Source a great relaxing facial. Be sure to request a long massage with plenty of essential oils. All beauty therapists can now tailor a facial for your specific needs.

Organise a house clean for your Mum. What a luxury and something many busy Mum’s can neither afford or prioritise, (to have their house cleaned for them!)

Buy her a book or voucher. I know vouchers can be viewed as naff but I was surprised last Xmas when I bought two of my best friends books from Dymocks with an exchange voucher in each. Both of my girlfriends loved the idea but one already had the book I’d bought and one had a very similar cook book, so they both exchanged their gifts for something they really wanted to read.

As its getting closer to our winter a great gift idea for Mum is a new super fluffy and soft dressing gown and/or slippers. Sheridan and Target have a great range at different price points.

Mothers Day Robe

Organise to buy tickets for your Mum to a favourite upcoming musical or concert. Last year I took Mum to see Dionne Warwick at the Concert Hall and she loved it.

Make a date to take your Mum to a movie and then for an early meal .

Just let your Mum know how much she’s loved.

Maya Angelou

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