Sante by Enjo

Trusted household brand Enjo, have developed an innovative beauty product, microfibre make up removers. The make up removers remove makeup, pollution and grime from the day.


 Images courtesy of Enjo

How did this product come to be??

Skin specialists doing research into burns wanted to know how best to clean open wounds. They found the fibres needed to be soft but able to clean a lot of gunk. To do this, the fibres had to have the ability to take in a lot of water.  Enjo took this fibre technology principle and ran with it.

How does the product rate?

I have been using the make up removers for 10 days and they are seriously good. No cleanser, make up remover or cotton pads required. Using fibre technology, water acts as a solvent to remove dirt.  Your skins natural oils aren’t stripped. The cleaning process doesn’t take a long time and you can be doing something else whilst you are cleaning your skin.  The removers are so easy to pop in the wash.

Images courtesy of Enjo


Sante was voted the best Makeup Remover at Cosmopolitan’s 2017 Beauty awards.

For further information about Enjo’s Sante collection, contact Jane Bolton @

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