Spare tyres, no more!! By Lisa Corser


You’ve been on your new health regime for a few months. You can definitely see results. You are feeling fantastic and this new eating and exercise regime has now become a part of your daily lifestyle but you still have a few areas of concern. For all your hard work you can still see an un-wanted roll of fat around your belly and you hate to admit but annoying little love handles. You wouldn’t care if you hadn’t work as hard as you have to get where you are now, you just need that extra little bit of help to achieve the body goals you desire.

Well, you could consider Coolsculpting. This procedure may assist in eliminating stubborn fat without surgery or downtime. The first thing you need to do is find a qualified and experienced practitioner. You need to make an appointment to voice your area/s of concern and work out if this treatment could help you and if so, how many treatments would be required.

Coolsculpting technology safely cools the fat cells under the surface of the skin to the required temperature to crystalize (freeze) the cells, which then die. The skin itself is unaffected. The dead fat cells are then naturally eliminated via your lymphatic system, leaving a more sculpted you.

During your treatment, gel is applied to your area of concern. A gel pad and applicator are then placed over this area. Applicators that use vacuum will then draw the tissue into the applicator cup. Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Some women I have spoken with have only experienced mild discomfort while others have found the procedure pretty uncomfortable.

It comes down to our expectations, your research and our individual genetics and it also depends on what area you are having treated, as some areas of the body are obviously more sensitive than others. You may feel pulling, tugging and pinching and it is definitely the first 10 minutes that are the most uncomfortable. You may feel intense cold but this feeling subsides within the first ten minute as the area being treated becomes numb.

Most people can resume work straight after the procedure which can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

The Coolsculpting procedure claims to eliminate the treated fat cells for good.

And the most dramatic results are usually seen between one and three months after your treatment. It is NOT an instant result rather, a gradual area morph.



The cost of the procedure varies. It depends on the area you are having treated, the number of sessions needed and what your expectations are. You can create your own treatment plan with your qualified and experienced Coolsculpting provider.

As always, do your research. Ensure the clinic/studio has state of the art equipment and that any practitioner has full qualifications and is very experienced in administering this procedure.

Most women I interviewed were really thrilled with their results and would have the procedure again.

If you have any concerns consult with your GP before you commit to any treatments.

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