The new super food – Camel Milk By Lisa Corser


Camel milk has been part of the staple diet of the Bedouin tribes in the Middle East for generations. It is a far richer source of protein than both cow or goat milk.

Camel milk contains compounds that can help manage diabetes, boost the immune system, improve circulation and promote heart health. There has even been some positive feedback on its possible benefit for treating people with autism.

Camel milk is a natural source of an insulin like protein, which means consuming this milk can aid in regulating glucose levels.

Although I have always been an advocate of goats milk and cheeses, apparently camel milk is the next best thing to mothers milk.

Camels also have a lot lower carbon footprint than the dairy cow. Large numbers of grazing cattle produce tons of methane gas, which is a big factor in fuelling global warming.

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Camel milk comes loaded with antimicrobial proteins, which can assist keep our immune systems functioning well. Camel milk may also help people with autoimmune conditions like MS or Crohn’s disease.

This new super food boasts 10 times the amount of iron as cows milk and is also non allergenic. Camel milk contains complex fatty acids which can boost levels of HDL or good cholesterol while reducing levels of LDL, (bad cholesterol).

And forget about yoghurt, camel milk is also an excellent source of probiotics.

Check out Good Earth Dairy’s website to locate where you can locate camel milk in Perth.

Camel Milk

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