Travel Hints by A Travel Addict Part 2…. By Lisa Corser

A few weeks ago, Crown Jewels posted The Travel Addicts sassy packing tips. Now for what to pack….

Consider taking the below clothing:

1x week’s worth of knickers (that’s 7)

A nude and black bra

5 pairs of socks and black hosiery

Two pairs jeans, (wear boyfriend jeans on plane as low crotch and more comfy), make the second pair a dark denim or black as you can then wear them into the night.

1x trans seasonal pant (khaki or navy)

Three t-shirts, three shirts (make one denim), 2 long sleeved tops. Do take a striped long sleeve T as I don’t know why but always looks stylish!

One LBD.

Two scarves, one cashmere (for warmth). You can add colour to any outfit with a cool scarf.

Two sarongs, one bikini, 1x one piece bather.

Two light sun dresses, one long maxi dress.

One jacket ,(I have bought a feather weight duck down jacket that rolls away in a ball and weights nothing).

Pj’s – one black slip and one silk pj pant and t shirt.

1x sandshoes that double for walking shoes – so many great options these days.

A pair of thongs, walking sandals and a shoe you can wear in the day and into the evening.

Do pack one gym outfit if that is what you feel you will doing on your travels.

Jewels – take in a pouch – earrings x 2, necklaces x 3, 2 x rings, 2x bracelets or whatever is your preference. Do not travel with anything expensive as its just not worth the risk or stress.


What to have in your carry on bag



Noise cancelling headphones (I know a little bulky but so worth it)

Ix book

Ix change of undies and 1x silk pant for sleeping in, if long haul.

1x cashmere scarf for neck if it gets cold


Ipad/iphone or laptop if needed

Image from Pexels


1x emergency skin care kit – all in miniature which you can buy online – set of toner, cleanser, moisturizer, spritzer and lip balm.

It may take a little thought and tweaking but the end result will be worth it for a well co-ordinated, stylish wardrobe, which will have you looking like a seasoned, savvy travel pro.

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