10 Beauty Products you have to try! By Lisa Corser


On a recent trip to my dentist with a little time to kill, I wandered into my local department store’s cosmetic section to be stunned at a new eye gel on the market priced at over $240. What was even more astounding was this and numerous other cosmetic ranges don’t just stock an eye gel but an eye mask, eye moisturizer and exfoliant!!! Let’s not get started on the neck, face and decolletage products!

Women can spend an absolute fortune on cosmetics, body creams and perfumes but is it a case of overkill? I know all too well about impulse buying and feel good products but can we be doing it better?

Over the past 6 months I have been testing and sampling many products to compile a list of extremely affordable, beautiful, mostly organic skin care, which are, in my view, as good as it gets.  Like most women, I have tried many ranges and spent an absolute fortune on products but now I would prefer to spend more money on a really good, regular Hydra Facial, Peel, IPL session or LED light therapy.

I have cleared my beauty corner and have revived my tired cupboard of clutter and old, out of date products and have narrowed down my product range to the star products I would love to share with you.


BODY SCRUB: Having tried dozens of scrubs, the very best product I have come across is ROMEO AND

Manuka Honey

MADDEN’S – Coffee and Sugar Scrub with Grapefruit Essential Oil and Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey and Coconut Oil Brown Sugar Scrub.

Why? The quality of this product is absolutely five star and the price is brilliant - $24.95 for a 400ml container.

I like a scrub that has coconut or another organic oil in the product, so when you finish scrubbing your skin feels silky smooth and so hydrated. This means you don’t necessarily have to moisturize after scrubbing.


Dr HauschkaBODY MOISTURIZER: I cannot go past DR HAUSCHKA’S Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil. This moisturizer is absolutely beautiful on application and you only need a small amount. It is fundamentally an oil but has a cream finish on application. The smell of this product really is calming, almost meditative and every time I use this, it just feels like applying `Love’ to your body. It is an absolute must in your product cupboard. You can buy online currently for approximately $38.00.


DEODORANT: I know this is such a personal product and many of the organic, crystal sticks just don’t work for me but I do love WELEDA Sage Deodorant. This is available at most health food stores or online. It is free of aluminium. This product has a fresh herbal scent and works for me. A 100ml bottle will cost you approximately $19.20.



CLEANSER: Again, I have road tested so many cleansers. I choose not to spend much on my cleanser or toner, so have Jurligue

always shopped around for affordable options. My current favourite (and a little more than I usually spend) is JURLIQUE’S Nourishing Cleansing Oil.

This cleansing oil takes off every trace of your foundation and eye makeup in one easy cleanse. It feels incredibly hydrating and you only need a tiny amount for a full face and neck cleanse. The 200ml bottle lasts me a good 5 months and at $50.00 this is $10 per month for a beautifully cleansed skin.

TONER: I always love a spritzer as my toner, this is especially brilliant when you travel, provided you decant into less than 100mls. My current toner of choice is Perfect Potions, 100% certified organic, Rose Water Toner.   This is available at many airports across Australia or in store or online. The 100ml pure rose water toner smells incredible and leaves your skin feeling really hydrated and nourished. This product costs approximately $16.95 online.


FACE OILS: I always have a couple of face oils in my cupboard, depending on my skin condition or season. I love the

Facial Oil

English Company, NEAL’S YARDS REMEDIES. The hydrating rose facial oil and orange flower facial oil are just beautiful.   You only need a couple of drops and your skin will love you for it! The Rose oil is approximately $40AUD and the Orange Flower $50AUD and this should last you a good few months for the 30ml bottle.

If this product is out of your price range, do invest in a good rose hip oil. There are many organic ranges available at health food stores or online. One of my favourites is Rosehip PLUS, Australian Certified Organic Rosehip Oil. It is currently available on sale at Nourished Life for $17.95 for a 30ml bottle. This oil is great for eczema, damaged skin, stretch marks and pigmentation.


ACTIVE RANGE – VITAMIN C AND A: I do believe, as we age, we need more active products in our beauty regime. I am currently really happy with my Vit C Firming Serum for day and my Ultimate A skin perfecting serum for night.

Both of these products are by ULTRACEUTICALS and are not tested on animals. I have just moved up to the Ultimate C Firming serum for day. This is an active product and can feel a little stingy of application but it’s working a treat. This product is applied after toning and before your oil or sunblock. It is available online, at departments stores or your beauty practitioner. The cost of this product is $110 but you only need one pump and it last several months. I consider this product worth the investment.

The Ultra A skin perfecting serum is another active product to be used at night. This potent serum plumps the skin and contains a high level of ultra-reti long life pure retinol microparticles. It is important you work your way up through the potency of the range so that your skin can tolerate this product. This serum costs $132 and again I believe it is a worthwhile investment.


SUNBLOCK: There has been a lot written lately about sunblocks but I am a user and believer. I have fair skin and could

Ultra Ceuticals

not tolerate even 15 minutes in the sun un-protected. I use my sunblock EVERY SINGLE DAY in summer and winter. I am loving ULTRACEUTICALS 50+ face cream. This is a 4hr water resistant sunblock and leaves your skin feeling dewy and really nourished. For the 60ml size the investment will be $49 and worth every penny.


Egyption Magic

GENERAL PURPOSE MOISTURIZER: EGYPTIAN MAGIC ALL PURPOSE CREAM. This wonderful product is, as it states, an all purpose cream. Based on the Egyptian formula that the women of the Cleopatra era use to use, this magical cream can be used to treat burns, eczema, acne, scars and wrinkles. It contains 6 potent ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, bee propolis, bee pollen, royal jelly and honey. For the 118 ml size jar the cost is $34.95 and can be purchased online at Noursishedlife. I have used it and love it.

These are some of my current favourites and cover most areas of your skin care regime. I am always on the look out and will keep you updated and posted on any other products that inspire and delight me. Keep nourished, moisturized and enjoy.


PRODUCT TIPS: If you buy a product in a soft plastic tube, cut the tube when the product is nearly empty and you will be amazed at how much product is still inside and usable.

Date your products on purchase with a permanent marker to assess how long a product actually lasts. Be mindful that you only need a few drops of oil or one pump of a product for your face, neck and décolletage.

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