About Us

The Designer

Debbie Snooke has always been driven by the need to create.
As a child, she would spend hours designing clothes for her dolls;
carefully selecting fabrics and trims, and sewing tiny, opulent outfits.

Years later, when Debbie turned her focus to jewellery design,
she found it to be a natural, intuitive expression of her creativity.

The pieces that Debbie designs for Crown Jewels today
are an expression of who she is.

She is a creator, and a lover of beauty in all its shapes and sizes.







The Crown Jewels

The jewels that Debbie uses in her designs are sourced from countries all over the world, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the USA.

These semi-precious stones are then hand crafted according
to Debbie’s intricate designs by an expert team
of silversmiths.

The process culminates in the collection of timeless couture
pieces found in our store today. Some designs are strong and bold,
and others are delicately feminine.







The Customer

The Crown Jewels range is crafted for confident, glamorous, and fashionable

For women who collect extraordinary pieces of jewellery that
complement and enhance their natural beauty. For women who appreciate exceptional design and craftsmanship, and are seeking couture pieces they can treasure for years to come.

Our pieces are crafted for you.


To create beautiful jewellery to adorn exceptional and unique women.