A Swift Designer Purchase By Debbie Snooke

One evening last week, I was minding my own business and driving along Station Street in Cottesloe.

All of a sudden my eyes were drawn to the window of Helen Swift Designer Consignments. And there, like a beacon in the sky, was the most amazing gold lurex coat. I couldn’t take my eyes of it!!


I was more than a little intrigued so I parked my car and went to gaze at this fashion masterpiece.

Wow was all I could think and WHO had designed this masterpiece?

There was only one way to find out… visit the store and talk to Helen the next day.

The next morning, Helen warmly greeted me. It wasn’t hard to deduce Helen is a fun lady who is very passionate about what she does and is super knowledgeable about the labels and consignment stock in her store.

Having studied design and managed Recollections Recycling Boutique for 13 years, it was a natural progression for Helen to open Helen Swift Designer Consignments in 2012.

Helen’s years of studying design resulted in her appreciating fabrics and the fibres used in them and the construction of a garment. Helen has always been a strong advocate of buying better pieces and less is more.

I was very intrigued by the Vintage aspect of her business. Helen explained when Sex and The City was Vogue, the demand for Vintage clothing and accessories was really strong. Helen specifically sourced Vintage pieces. Today Helen always takes Vintage Chanel as there is constant demand for it.


Helen’s business is multi faceted. All seasons need to be stocked during the year. Overseas travellers buy Mon Cler skiing attire in December and Camilla in August to take to St Tropez. Camilla’s colourful playsuits and lounging dresses are also collector’s pieces.  Certain prints by Camilla are highly coveted by avid collectors.


Helen Swift Designer Consignments takes a season old Australian labels and European labels which are a few seasons old.  Louis Vuitton, Celine and Dior handbags have a strong following and Chanel handbags are lucky to last a week in store. Currently there is a waiting list for particular styles of Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Helen is a great advocator of Wear it…. The special occasion may not come!


The superb gold lurex coat in the window was by Dries Van Noten and it looked fabulous on!!

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