An Ode to Carla Zampatti

It is still difficult to comprehend the doyenne of Australian Women’s Fashion, Carla Zampatti, died in April.

With Carla’s death, the sun sadly sets on the Golden Era of Australian fashion. All those fabulous clothing designers from the 70s and 80s either no longer manufacturing or with us.


Image courtesy of Carla Zampatti 


Few people can boast 55 years at the top of their respective industry and still be passionate about their work.      

The brand Carla Zampatti was and still is characterised by impeccable tailoring, effortless elegance and perennial style.

Image courtesy of Carla Zampatti


Carla’s seasonal designs were worn by Prime Minister’s wives, the Prime Minister, the Governor General and celebrities. Corporate women continue to wear Carla’s jackets and dresses to work. Wedding parties boast Carla’s after 5 dresses and many young girls beg their Mum to buy their 21st dress from CZ.


Image courtesy of Carla Zampatti

24 Carla Zampatti outlets in Australia (including stores in David Jones), continue to sell Carla Zampatti’s Winter collection.

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