Are you in the right headspace? By Lisa Corser

Have you ever tried to meditate? I mean regularly?

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Sounds so simple and it is but to commit to a period of time each day – even 5 or 10 minutes can prove to be near impossible for most of us. And why is that? It seems most of us find any excuse rather than making the time to meditate, an act of self love that can truly benefit us all and change our lives for the better.

HEADSPACE is an innovative, easy, meditation app you can download and use every day. The app teaches you how to mediate effectively.   It is also a great tool to keep you on track and supports you to commit to doing regular meditations.

The HEADSPACE app includes clever visual animation and simple instructions and techniques which make the introduction to meditation light and easy to comprehend. You can access ten days of free content to see if this form of meditation could work for you.

HEADSPACE was founded in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. Andy is a former Buddhist monk and Pierson has a background in marketing and brand development.

The Company initially began organising events and holding talks in and around London on mindfulness and meditation. One of the main objectives of HEADSPACE was to bring meditation into the main stream by de-mystifying this age old practice and making it accessible and easy for anyone to introduce into their daily routine.   Andy wanted to make meditation; `relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible’.

It seems as if HEADSPACE is on a winning formula as the company now employs over 50 staff and has headquarters in Los Angeles and London. At last count there were some 6 million meditators using the app including me!

After your free 10 day trial you can then opt to take a monthly or annual subscription.

I have completed a teachers meditation course and am a regular meditator but was curious to road test this app. I think it’s a great tool and support for anyone dipping their toe into the meditation world. Its easy to use, fun and you feel supported on your journey. I can highly recommend HEADSPACE to a first time meditator or if you are someone who meditates randomly and needs some routine and commitment.


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