Bali Pura Auric Sprays

I spent two weeks in Ubud, Bali, last July and stumbled across the Bali Pura Auric Sprays at the Yoga Barn in Ubud.

I have always been fascinated with auras, crystals, healing and cleansing and I believe in the concept of auric sprays as a mode of protection and healing.

The Bali Pura process is comprehensive and the four sprays they have produced, Pure Love, Let Go, Grounding and Protection ($25 US each) undergo a magical process to bring you the purest and most active organic product imaginable.


Each product is hand made with the finest quality crystals, certified organic essential oils, on a base of pure spring water from one of Bali’s most revered volcano’s springs. The water is fully charged with the volcano’s natural life force.

The auric sprays work by the active ingredients entering your auric field inviting your energy to step into the vibration creating harmony and balance, so depending on your mood or where you may be in your life right now – there will be one auric spray, which resonates for you.

I absolutely love this product and have spoken with the company and they seem so authentic, proud and excited by their story. I use my sprays every day and can highly recommend them.

Rating :   4.5 ****

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