Blue Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

The Blue Diamond is considered to be an exceptionally rare and enigmatic stone.

And they are oh so expensive!

In the past few years, numerous have come onto the open market and been sold for vast sums of money.

In 2016 The Oppenheimer Blue sold for US $57 million.

The largest known Blue Diamond in the world weighing 14.6 carats was auctioned at Christies and became the most expensive jewel ever sold.

Image courtesy of Christie's


Recently Christies sold an 8-carat Blue Diamond necklace for just over US $20 million. Bidding was furious as the Blue Diamond is very much in demand globally. 

Lovers of piercing blue stones not wanting to spend a cool $57 million can have their own Crown Jewels “Blue Diamond”.

Large Blue Topaz stones make fabulous rings as they look so WOW on the finger. They also make great travelling companions as they add colour to every outfit you pack!


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