Carry On Beaching

With Christmas just around the corner, buying fabulous gifts is on everyone’s mind.

Especially if you have a friend or partner who has everything!

Jordan Baker in Cottesloe has the perfect gift for them!

The authentic utility bag made from salvaged textiles with the names of Australian beach towns.


The super cool bags are made in small runs. Once the run is sold out, a new beach town appears on the bags.

Coral Bay and Down South have featured on the bags previously.

The all hand made bag is the creation of American designer Alice Saunders. Every bag is made in her home studio. Her business, Forest Bound, is located in Massachussetees, New England

Image courtesy of Forest Bound. Alice in her studio. 

Alice in her studio.

The beach bound bag retails for $250.00 and is quite roomy!


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  • I am looking to purchase one of your canvas utility bags with Rotto on it? Are you able to help?


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