Couture Cushions

It's so refreshing to meet someone who is excited about what they do!


Suz Povey oozes passion and know how when describing the beautiful product she is creating herself from home. 


The custom-made cushions and throw rugs by Suz Creations have been sold since November 2021.


Suz sewing one of her many masterpieces. 

They are made from discontinued fabrics which are purchased from upmarket fabric wholesalers. 


Suz cleverly upcycles by using swatch hanger fabrics which would normally be thrown out.


All these stunning fabrics are upholstery grade. 


Opulent velvets and sublime linens are piled high in storage cabinets to entice you when searching for your ideal cushion or throw rug. 

One off cushions and throw rugs to revamp your couch. 


 Liberty fabrics are used to create a baby quilt which sells for $200.


Cushions range from $50 - $65 plus the insert. 


The very unique throw rugs for the end of your bed or couch are $595.00.   


A stunning example of how colour reinvigorates a space. 



For more information and to contact Suz, check out Cushion Designer (@suzcreations_cushions) • Instagram photos and videos

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