Dare to be Different

Did you know, YOU were born to stand out!! YOU are a shining light!!.

Image from Pexels

Forget trying to fit in and being exacerbated by the herd mentality. It is so OK to stand out and not fit in the conventional box.

There is a lot of noise out there in the big wide world and if you are wanting to be noticed, especially in the workplace as an entrepreneur, leader or for being talented, there are many ways of doing this.

Image from Pexels

How to stand out from The Crowd -

  • Love yourself – radiate you are happy with yourself and confident. People are drawn to this
  • Be inspirational – passionate people attract others
  • Be kind to everyone – why wouldn’t you be
  • Don’t make everything about you – self- centred people are boring. Be a very good listener
  • Be helpful – always lend a hand. You don’t know who this person knows
  • Take yourself and your craft seriously – then others will
  •  Lead with excellence – says you are very serious about what you do and to a high standard
  • Be responsible – follow through on your initial actions by being accountable
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence – people want to connect with someone who has their act together
  • Show up on time and honour your commitments
  • Get feedback from others as to how you come across
  • Be disciplined. Channel impulses and passion into something of substance

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