Dynamic and Beautiful Danes By Lisa Corser

Yes. It’s true. The Danish women are simply breathtaking.

I have never seen such a collective number of beautifully dressed, confident and elegant women in a city, anywhere.

Of course there are beautiful women all over the globe but as a city of style, Copenhagen wins hands down. And this statement is not age or gender (for that matter), exclusive.

I spent three days in Copenhagen riding alongside thousands of Danes and was simply amazed and intrigued at how damn elegant and graceful a Danish woman could make bike riding appear.

Maybe it has something to do with the forward moving motion of cycling and the friendly, cordial vibe as you ride and let’s not forget the happy hormones released from exercising constantly.

Whatever the reason, the Danish women are onto a winning formula.

I kept trying to put my finger on what Danish women seem to possess, to give them the style X factor?

In the end I concluded their magic seems to be a very natural self confidence, grace and ease along with an eye for simple yet beautiful clothing.

 Images by Unsplash


As Aussies we can celebrate the fact that the most photographed and stylish of them all, is none other than our very own, Princess Mary.

She is often seen going about her day, ferrying her children to and from school on her bike. It’s this relaxed mentality the Danes are renowned for.

The women dress simply but have an excellent eye for design, colour and cut. A simple pair of jeans, paired with pumps and a silk shirt with a neck scarf and a leather back pack was a popular look.

Many women seem to pull off wearing a stunning silk tunic dress nipped in at the waist with a thin leather belt and elegant high wedge.

Women even ride their bike in their black tie dresses to the Opera!

Images by Unsplash


The colour palette varied and I have never seen such a stunning combination or shades of colour complimenting many outfits so perfectly.

I was riding behind an older woman, possibly in her 60’s and she just looked oh so chic.

She wore a beautiful, perfectly shaped bob, skinny white jeans with a blue and white striped boat neck top, white and navy pumps paired with a navy blazer. It was seriously a case of style overload.

If you are ever in Europe and want to spend time in a gorgeous City that is bike friendly and filled to the brim with style, don’t go past Copenhagen.

The people, history, architecture and incredible furniture and design will leave you in awe and mesmerized.



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