How to enjoy a stress free Christmas Day! By Lisa Corser

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Christmas Day! The very thought that it’s less than 6 weeks away sends shudders down my spine! How does it come around so fast and how can I do Christmas Day better, so everyone gets to enjoy the experience?

I have hosted Christmas Day at my place for the past 4 years and it’s a pretty massive task. Two full days prepping and then the clean up phase, once the last member of the family departs. I love it but it can be a pretty exhausting task for busy Mums.

So I have been asking my lovely friends for Christmas Day advice and how they do it better…. Whether your family celebrates on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day Lunch or dinner here are some excellent tips:

The obvious first step, establish who is coming.

Remember it isn’t a competition so don’t set unrealistic goals.

Drop expensive, high stress rituals. We use to all bring presents but now we have a no present policy. If you simply must I think the best way to go is one present per person. Set a dollar limit and everyone buys for just one person. This takes so much stress out of the day.

Confirm dietary requirements and sketch out a meal plan. (You are probably not feeding an army so go easy on the food quantity).

Decide on a theme, if this appeals to you. Last year we had a predominantly beach/white theme.

Delegate. Everyone generally wants to be involved so make a list and delegate who is bringing what on the day.

If you have limited fridge space bring out the esky’s. An excellent mode of chilling anything extra required.

Go through all your cutlery and crockery and make sure you have enough of every piece required. Examine your platters and large serving plates ensuring no chips.

I was lacking glasses last year so this year in the Country Road Sale I bought some stunning white and red wine glasses for such a reasonable price. They have some fabulous platters and glasses in their homewares section.


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Try and have all immediate family members involved in the preparation stages of your special day. If you are having name places, get one of the children to write these up. If outdoor settings need to be cleaned (Aussie Christmas) or the house needs a good spring clean give everyone a task.

Begin to buy your Christmas Day decorations and staples early – ie – NOW! I know it can be off putting but go to IKEA. They have the best serviettes ever and often a Christmas theme range. I buy from IKEA every year and stock up on tea light candles, serviettes, snow flake lights, wrapping paper and cards. It is cheap, looks great and does the job. They also have a great range of glass vases in all sizes and for a few dollars this can really compliment your table setting.

If you have older or adult children get them to work on the theme and lay it all out.

With all your food and seafood make sure you buy and collect when required and make your puddings a good month before as they are so much more delicious.

Prepare as much as you can the day before.

Christmas Day Meal Staples:

  • Turkey and Gravy
  • Glazed Ham
  • Seafood Salad
  • Cherry and quinoa salad
  • Tray of roast veggies
  • Plum pudding, white sauce and brandy butter
  • Trifle


It’s always all in the planning so as to establish a smooth, easy and enjoyable Xmas Day.

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