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I always find it sooo inspiring to meet and hang out with people who are ridiculously talented. The creative people in the universe hold a special place in my heart. Taking nothing more than an idea and making it a real 3D something has WOW status as far as I am concerned.

My gorgeous and gifted friend Lisa Ciccarelli, is an interior architect who has created many stunning spaces in residential homes across the Perth metro area. The following Q&A gives a very real insight into why Lisa does what she does!


Q: Why did you become an interior architect?

When I was 8 years old, my parents decided to build their dream home in Attadale. My father was a builder and had strong ideas of how the home should look from the outside. However, he realized when it came to the inside, they would need some guidance. In those days, interior “decorators” were as rare as hen’s teeth and no one even knew what they did! Anyway, through a family friend they found a great woman called Sally. She was a sophisticated, elegant and mature woman who was an experienced interior decorator.

I was clearly impressed by the way she managed my parents and the process of the build with them. The most valuable thing that stuck in my mind all these years later was her ability to respectfully guide them while maintaining her design integrity. They had such respect for her that she became a family friend. At the end of the process she asked that they donate money to a charity instead of payment for her work. I really admired her and thought that maybe one day I could do that too.

Q: How long have you been an interior architect?

I qualified as an interior designer in 1994. I studied at Curtin University and my degree is a Bachelor of Applied Science (interior designer.) So to answer the question that is 23 Years!

Q: Tell me why you love what you do.....

I feel a sense of achievement when I help someone achieve a great outcome. I truly believe that creating a space that reflects the owner, can really improve the quality of their life. Interiors are not just about the space they live in but also the way they do things and the values that they have. It’s an interesting journey getting into someone’s space and often their head to understand what they need and want. It’s definitely a close relationship that is built on trust and rapport.

Lisa has worked in a managerial role at her families business, Myaree Ceramics for the past five years. Clients benefit immensely from Lisa’s extensive knowledge of tiles and her experience of creating amazing spaces in a home.

Now to a few more questions about Myaree Ceramics and tiles!

Q: What year was Myaree Ceramics established?

My Dad and brother started the business in 1985. My Dad loved everything Italian as he was Italian and there was a market for beautiful Italian tiles in Perth.

Q: Your role there is….

I am one of the buyers of the tiles from Europe for Myaree Ceramics. I travel to Bologna every year to see the latest tile ranges available and select what is relevant to our client base. I also deduce new trends from this buying trip. I also oversee the displays and showroom and help manage the sales team. The marketing for the business is also another one of my key responsibilities.

Q: What are the key trends this year in tiles? 

There seems to be a resurgence of detailed feature tiles with ornate patterns. New colours trending are those in pink, terracotta, navy and green. The neutral stone look is also popular and I can see a definite return of the terrazzo floors – rehashed in a modern way.

Q: How do you see current trends in design and interiors?

There is a definite slant towards luxury; plush and elaborate textures and patterns. A mixture of styles with antiques, worn look and then teamed with a modern clean edge geometric.

One thing I know for sure, once you visit Myaree Ceramics you will be a tile lover and notice tiles everywhere you go!!

I am definitely one…..

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