Keep the Kiosk!

In the early 70s, architect, Tony Brand, designed three concrete kiosks along the City Beach sea-wall. Today only one is left standing in its original form and is much loved for its pop-brutalist exuberance.

Unsurprisingly, Professor of Architecture and Former State Architect, Geoffrey London, included the kiosk in his list of 100 key buildings in Perth of which he wrote:

“Jim’s South City Beach Kiosk’ is a robust, assured design which responds to the natural forms of its coastal setting.  Concrete walls poured with corrugated iron formwork contain the change rooms and take on the fluid forms of sand dunes and waves, and the concrete roof is in the form of an inverted beach shell.”

I’m not sure if you’ve heard that the Town of Cambridge is currently considering the future of the kiosk with demolition being a real option on the table! Yes, it’s showing its age and is in need of some repairs but that’s no reason to erase it. This building is our collective heritage and should be returned to the use and enjoyment of the public.

Annika Kristensen and I (AlessioFini) have been developing a proposal to restore, revive andreimagine the kiosk. We think that it should become a relaxed licensed hospitality offeringand also a space for community and cultural events.

A place for wet bathers and sandy feet that encourages new ways for people to engage with the kiosk and the beach. We also think that it should be restored to its original raw brutalist unpainted self.

If  this sounds good to you, let the Town of Cambridge know your thoughts in this public survey and send this email onto your friends and family.

Let’s make the best of it.

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