King of Couture

As the evenings are still a tad cold, if you need a good series binge and you love history, incredible settings, nudity and drama, watching the 3 part series Versailles is for you!

The series was the most expensive ever made in France. Each episode of Versailles is rumoured to have cost twice as much as an average episode of Downton Abbey. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay. Golden Sun Gate at Versailles

No expense was spared on the lavish settings and opulent clothing.

To ensure the costuming was authentic to that worn in the French court of King Louis XIV, the King was dressed in 5 layers of clothing.

The central figure in the series is Louis XIV of France. The Absolute monarch, tyrant and fashion King ruled France for 72 years.

Image of Louis XIV courtesy of Pixabay.

Louis was regarded as the ultimate arbiter of style.

The French aristocrats at court copied the way he dressed. Louis' tailoring and dressing was also adopted throughout Europe. 

He owned a thousand wigs which helped him look taller than his true height of 5ft 4.

King Charles II of England was so impressed by Louis' long tresses that he engaged the same wig maker as Louis.

Image courtesy of Pixabay. The Palace of Versailles.

When not being concerned with his appearance, Versailles is focused on Louis' love life, wars with other European powers and many plots and intrigues within the palace.

The big question on every ones lips is… Will Season 4 of Versailles be made?

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