Mum’s Not Having Chemo – Book Review By Lisa Corser


If you haven’t already added this informative and inspiring book to your library, I can highly recommend you do. I will be referring to `Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ frequently – there is so much accessible information, which easily translates to practical things we can all be doing to be live better. You don’t have to wait to receive some bad news to begin to integrate some of the many natural alternatives suggested in this book and incorporate them into your daily life.

It is a fact, nearly all of us know of someone close to us who has experienced cancer. You may be a cancer survivor/thriver yourself.   My beautiful Dad has been living with cancer for such a long time and has chosen the conventional path of treatment but `Mum’s Not Having Chemo’ is a wonderful book for anyone choosing to look at other treatment options, other natural remedies, looking within and unlocking any emotional/spiritual blockages.

Mum’s Not Having Chemo, is written by Gemma’s daughter, Laura Bond. Laura charts her Mum’s journey from her initial diagnosis and explores the many treatments and therapies Gemma embraced on her path to wellness.   Gemma was diagnosed with both uterine and ovarian cancer. She chose from the outset, against her specialists and oncologists advice, not to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Gemma is cancer free 6 years since her initial diagnosis.

Gemma explains cancer is not a one size fits all ordeal. Different therapies may work for different people but what she did uncover was that to overcome her cancer was very much a multi-pronged approach.

As nutritionist David J. Getoff says, `When a house is falling apart from the inside, a few new doors and windows will not prevent it from tumbling down.’

Laura discusses the cancer personality type, the `curse of the lovely’, boosting self worth, fighting fear, finding fulfilment, letting go of your past and your road map to healing.

Mum’s Not Having Chemo, discusses Vitamin C therapy, enzymes, ozone therapy, coffee enemas, hydrogen peroxide, an organic diet, de-toxifying your home, drinking filtered water, the benefits of infrared saunas and hyperthermia. Laura discusses everything from root canal treatments and filings to what we put on our skin and apply to our bodies.

Laura dedicates a whole chapter to dairy. There seems strong debate that anyone with cancer should re-evaluate their consumption of all dairy products.

`There is now consistent and substantial evidence that the higher the milk consumption of a country, the greater their breast and prostate cancer risk,’ says British nutritionist and author Patrick Holford.’

There is a wonderful and inspiring section dedicated to people who have not only survived but thrived after being given some rather dire prognosis by their doctors. These incredible people are a testament to the fact that cancer does not have to be a death sentence.

`Tell me a fact and I’ll listen, tell me a truth and I’ll hear, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.’ Native American Indian wisdom.

I can highly recommend `Mum’s not having Chemo’ to anyone who has been given a cancer diagnosis or is supporting someone facing cancer or if you are simply curious on how to live a more authentic, healthy life. Ultimately this book is an empowering tool giving us all choices.

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