Self-Care on a Budget by Emma Grace Brown

The concept of self-care has been around for decades but more than ever it is oh so important. Contemporary self-care practices often trigger words such as self-indulgence and expense when mentioned in the wider media.

Crown Jewels is debunking this myth with a list of ways you can practice self-care without wrecking your budget!

Create Your Own Relaxation Space

According to the McKinley Health Center, the benefits of about 30 minutes of relaxation exercises include a decrease in blood pressure and muscle tension. This can translate into an overall feeling of well-being which leads to you being a happier, healthier and calmer person overall.

Relaxation exercises don’t have to happen at an expensive spa or sauna. Instead, you can set up your own relaxation space in your home and learn to practice meditation.

To utilize your space effectively, be sure to promote positivity there. Declutter, refresh the air, and revisit attitudes. You’ll be surprised at how much the surrounding will help to simultaneously lift your mood.
Image courtesy of Pexels
Image courtesy of Pexels

Exercise at Home or Take a Walk

Taking a break from strenuous day-to-day activities can be an important part of self-care. If you have space and a reliable internet connection, you can stream exercise programs online  for free or at a minimal cost.

Make sure to choose an activity that works well with your limitations. For example, simple yoga exercises will require less space and equipment than an intense aerobic workout using weights. If exercising at home is not an option for you, then consider taking a walk around your community or in a nearby park.

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Take a Staycation

There’s a reason you have vacation time and by not using it, you’re essentially giving up free money. Taking time off from work doesn’t have to mean fancy vacations or spending a ton of money.

You can stay home and finally organize your kitchen or spend your days lunching with friends or even take a budget-friendly short road trip with a friend or your partner.

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Borrow Books from the Library or Patronize a Used Book Store

If you find reading relaxing and are in search of budget-friendly options to keep your reading stack full, then you still have options.

You can make use of your local library and borrow books that interest you. You can also find a used book store close to you or online. At physical used book stores, they are likely to offer credit for any books that are brought back in good condition so you are able to keep shopping for more books at a reduced cost.

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Pamper Yourself

There are many ways you can go about pampering yourself on a budget. Your first option is to save up to treat yourself. By putting a little money away each week, it will be easy to treat yourself to a massage, facial or lengthy visit to the hairdresser.

Alternatively, pamper yourself at home on the cheap! Take a candlelit bath, give yourself an at-home facial or manicure. Just think about what you’d like to do most and implement a plan for achieving it.

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Make Your Meals at Home

According to the University of Washington, making meals at home is a serious money saver and enables you to have the ultimate control over ingredients used, as well as how the meal is prepared.

This is particularly important given recent studies show a link between gut microbiome health and overall wellness. Your gut microbiome is made up of over 10 trillion bacteria that must work together to carry out a number of activities such as digestion, the manufacture of essential vitamins and the manufacture of important brain chemicals that help to balance your emotions.

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Just Do … Nothing

Finally, the ultimate free thing you can do for self-care is absolutely nothing.

Put work and any tech gadgets adding to your stress to the side. Take a nap or just lie in bed, letting your mind drift. If you have access to somewhere outside where you can sit under a tree and relax, that’s great too!

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to take care of yourself is nothing at all.

With all the self-care trends available competing for your dollars, it’s good to know there are still ways to practice self-care which don’t blow your household budget.

Try at least one of the tips in this article and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier you.


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