She Got Legs By Debbie Snooke

Dharma bums butterlies

It’s not easy to go walking or to the gym on a brisk morning. The bed beckons you to stay just for a little bit longer!

Half asleep, you pull yourself out of bed and pull your black legs on to keep yourself relatively warm. Something is definitely missing in this process and I have finally worked out what… COLOUR!!

In April I said to myself, “I just can’t do this anymore!”
After at least six years of wearing black legs in autumn/winter, I decided I just had to break out and purchase a colourful pair of skins. No more black for me!!

It is funny how the universe acts accordingly when you have made a monumental decision to change your ways. Mouching along to buy a chai, I walked right past the legs of my dreams in the window of Motion, Napoleon Street….. Dharma Bums with butterflies all over the skins.  And yes, they were a work of art and quite beautiful.

I know one of the young girls who works in Motion and she nudged me ever so gently over the line to buy the Dharma Bum butterflies. I have to thank her for totally convincing me to purchase them as I now look forward to the brisk mornings I wear them. I am convinced the colours and clever graphics lift your spirits when faced with walking for kilometres or working out.

Take it from me, don’t be shy to splash some colour over your legs this winter. It may even result in you walking a few more km’s than you used to.
For colourful legs, check out these latest by Adidas, Seafolly and Upside.


Adidas fugiprabali legs


Seafolly Island Vibe legging
Upside Electric floral power pant

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