She’s got perfect skin!

A few weeks ago I was a bit concerned about the state of my skin, especially my arms. Winter is unforgiving on your skin if you love to stay in warm showers and you don’t replenish your skin afterwards. Yes, I can be lazy when it is cold!

There is no denying I had neglected my skin through Winter and needed a seriously good body scrub. Recognising the problem was one thing but finding a partial solution to it, was another!!

Fortunately, I had the thought The Body Shop could be worth a visit.  After trialling a few of their scrubs, I found a seriously good body scrub. The Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub in Oil was a real find.

The scrub is made from Cupuacu nut oil from Brazil and fine crystals that filter the oil. The mixture leaves your skin very smooth after the crystals have done their work and replenished from the oil.

The Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub in Oil is definitely a skin nourishing body scrub. I wouldn’t be without it as it transformed my skin immediately. The scrub is priced at $43.00 and is 350g.

Image courtesy of The Body Shop 

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