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In 2015, I meet the gorgeous and clever Melissa Madgwick.  Melissa told me of her terrible skin ordeal in the past and how she had nearly finished writing her second book, Heal My Acne, an online publication.  Mel was intent on sharing her story so other women could combat their acne more naturally.

Fast forward to August 2017 over coffee, Mel revealed how acne had been part of her life since she was 16. During high school she had suffered from cystic acne and lived on antibiotics every 3 to 6 months.

During 2013 Mel suffered her biggest outbreak due to her diet and high stress levels. Consequently she was placed on antidepressants. During this time Mel found a group of people (Usana) who were very positive and with their support, Mel got off the pill and the antidepressants she had been prescribed. With extensive changes to her diet, she had turned vegan and it was not a wise choice for her body or blood type. Mel turned back to eating meat, had no alcohol, no sugar and once again her skin was perfect.

In October 2013 and recently returned from the US, Mel’s skin suffered from acne breakouts.  Having visited the Dr who prescribed antibiotics, Mel deduced it was hormonal acne.  On taking the antibiotics, Mel’s skin only worsened.

Determined to find out what the hell was going on with her skin, Mel started researching and began with an endocrinologist.  Having spent over $3,000 visiting the endocrinologist and on various topical skin treatments and creams, Mel just couldn’t face people. For 3 months she literally locked herself in her own home and started on her own path attempting to heal her skin and to concentrate on work.

The exile proved fruitful as a branding company featuring digital graphic designs on a website emerged looking very much like a big design agency in Sydney.

Melissa was very passionate about branding on line because if you looked $1million dollars, you could attract anyone!! And she did - Telstra, NEC and Sydney Airport became clients.

However, Melissa’s skin was not improving and she was putting on weight, adding to her emotional stress. It was during this period Melissa commenced listening to her own body. Countless hours were spent researching her hormones and visiting doctors for blood and hormone tests. Effectively, Melissa was her own guinea pig to rebalance her hormones.

During this healing period, Mel commenced listening to Louise Hay and practised loving self- affirmations. Self-love was the practise of every day. Melissa initially broke down in tears when writing…. Mel, you are awesome.

In 2014 Melissa really started loving herself and with this she opened up and her skin really began to clear.  The branding business she had created in 2013, Brand Dominance, was booming and life was a lot more positive.

In 2015 Mel began developing a skin care product that combats acne scarring and pigmentation and simultaneously hydrates the skin.  Mel has been working with pharmacists in Perth and clinically testing the product herself.  The innovative product will be released in 2018.

Having endured so much skin suffering has given Mel a unique perspective and resulted in a Vision to enable other women to address their misnomers about their skin. Educating them about their own hormones and body.  And as a result, highlighting their self worth and power.

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