You’ve finally found that special piece of jewellery you simply cannot live without! You’re in love again and can’t take your eyes off this stunning new treasure. You are already planning its debut and have mentally checked what you will be wearing with it and where you’ll venture that weekend to showcase it!

Lets just pause here for some house keeping and practical advice….

Have you ever considered how to clean and store the pieces you purchase? It can be rather annoying when you find a piece you had forgotten about numerous months before, to discover it looks dull and even tarnished.

Here are a few basic but effective cleaning and storage tips that will ensure your jewels always sparkle!

How to clean your silver and jewels

Silver jewellery with semi-precious stones or pearls should be cleaned with great care. Gemstones and semi-precious stones can be damaged if not cleaned carefully.

The best result for sterling silver set with stones is to use a silver polishing cloth impregnated with an anti-tarnish agent. Do not use silver dip as this will damage the semi-precious stones. It is not a good idea to soak stones rather gently wipe them with a clean damp cloth.

Baking powder can clean sterling silver jewellery but not jewellery set with stones or pearls as these stones are affected by the baking soda reaction.

A word of caution, pearls are extremely porous so handle with care. DON’T spray perfume on pearls as they will discolour. Silver can be ruined if perfume is sprayed directly onto it, so apply your perfume before you put your jewels on.

Cleaning jewellery with warm soapy water and a toothbrush is NOT a good idea as this can cause very fine surface scratches.

It makes good sense to clean your jewels regularly rather than to wait until they begin to tarnish.

How to store your jewels

If your jewels are set in 925 sterling silver, it is imperative the pieces are stored in an air tight container. Most jewellery boxes are not air tight so your jewels, over the course of time, will tarnish.

Once the piece has been cleaned, it is recommended each individual piece is stored in an air tight grip seal plastic bag to prevent it from reacting with the sulphur in the air.

All jewellery should be stored in a cool, dry place.

And even though we do love our jewels, its best not to sleep with them or wear them whilst sleeping!!


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