Strang Studio

Strang Studio is opening this week.  This is Derek Harper’s new studio where he will continue to perfect his craft of designing and making unique and creative furniture and feature items. Derek specialises in blending the old traditional craft with new unique ideas, inbuilt or stand alone pieces which can be tailored for any situation.

Strang Studio is a workshop dedicated to creating standout and functional items made to endure time.  Making use of mixed materials predominantly timber from sustainable sources or reclaimed materials, to give new life to a precious aged resource.  You will find a distinct design and quality, which will be recognised and enjoyed for many years.

To celebrate the opening of his new studio, Derek is showing his latest collection this Saturday, 14th October between 4 and 7pm at 5 Strang Court, Beaconsfield or call Derek direct on 0407 998684.

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