Ten Top Tips for fabulous hair this Autumn By Lisa Corser

Do you ever suffer hair envy?

You’re out to lunch or attending a board meeting and there sitting opposite you is a woman with luscious, shiny, locks of nourished, beautiful hair.

Your inner dialogue declares you want the hair she’s wearing!

After consulting with my incredible hairstylist – Melanie, at Reno’s, Claremont, here are some Autumn tips to follow to achieve your next level hair goals.

  1. Try and look for a non-toxic, nourishing, sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Melanie recommends the Young Again wash and rinse by Kevin Murphy which is sulphate, paraben and cruelty free.
  1. Before applying your shampoo, make sure your hair is really wet. Always wash your hair twice concentrating around the ears and at the nape of the neck.
  1. Be liberal with your conditioner in the shower and use a leave in conditioner.
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  1. Blot your hair when drying. Don’t rub it vigorously in a towel, as apart from causing nasty knots it can damage hair. In fact , I wash and wear, particularly over the summer months. I only use a wide tooth comb through my hair and never brush it. I also limit the amount of times I wash my hair per week so as to encourage my hairs natural oils.
  1. If you are at the beach often, especially as we are experiencing a late summer, try a good quality hair oil, particularly through the ends of your hair.

A good quality coconut oil is an excellent option. Apply this to the lower strands of your hair. Keep it away from the scalp as it can actually have a drying effect on the scalp. Try this treatment about every two weeks, particularly over summer.

If money is no object , the new Rodin by Recine is receiving rave reviews. This oil is made from 8 essential oils and is brilliant for treated, damaged, lifeless hair. It’s up there price wise but you only need a tiny amount and so far the feedback is very impressive. You can purchase this oil online or instore at Mecca, Australia.

Rodin by Recine hair oil
Rodin by Recine hair oil.
  1. Depending on the coarseness and thickness of your hair, consider a detangling and non frizz product. Melanie recommends Smooth Again anti frizz treatment by Kevin Murphy, which will moisturize your hair without leaving it feeling heavy. Kevin Murphy has also developed the Shimmer Shine Spray.
Kevin Murphy – Shimmer Shine
Kevin Murphy – Shimmer Shine
  1. Try a heat treatment. You can do this at home or at the salon. If you get your hair coloured once a month or every six weeks, have an in house conditioning mask or treatment with a hot towel wrap. This truly leaves your hair feeling lustrous and nourished. A great product to use at home is Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me or the Young Again products. Young Again is specifically designed for longer hair to revitalise and give your hair new life.
  1. Take a supplement for your hair, nails and skin. Internal health really is the number one key to external radiance.
  1. Eat a diet rich in walnuts, avocados and eggs. These super foods will help you to achieve your hair goals faster. Walnuts contain Biotin, Vitamin E and copper all essential for glossy, strong , healthy hair. Avocados contain large amounts of omega oils which our bodies don’t produce naturally. Eggs contain iron, Vitamin D and healthy fats. Try to incorporate these three foods into your diet and see if you notice a positive change.


Image from Pexels
  1. If you blow dry your hair only dry to 75% using a round soft Bristol brush to smooth over the ends but do not over dry them.
GHD natural Bristol brush
GHD natural Bristol brush

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