Tennis Bracelet anyone??

Recently I attended a friend’s birthday party and a certain gentleman started talking about the bracelet I was wearing.  I was wearing a simple Crown Jewels blue topaz tennis bracelet…ok… it had largish stones!.

The gentleman put to me….”Do you know why these bracelets are called tennis bracelets?” My response was a bit limited. “Something to do with tennis balls I guess as the round stones look like tennis balls and I gather a very famous female tennis player a long time ago made them Vogue.”

Mr Google informed me a famous female tennis player did make diamond tennis bracelets Vogue and it was Chris Evert – Lloyd. I was intrigued by this piece of trivia and later that night Googled what had transpired.

Image courtesy of Sotheby's.

Turns out during an exceptionally long rally in the 1987 US Open Tennis Championship, Chris Evert’s eternity diamond bracelet snapped.

Chris refused to continue the match until her precious bracelet was found. Chris was regarded as a very chic and stylish sportswoman and hence an onslaught of requests for a similar bracelet occurred globally.

Crown Jewels has a new collection of tennis bracelets now on line and below are a few of our favourites.

Sublime Citrine tennis bracelet

Sublime Green Quartz tennis bracelet

The classic blue topaz tennis bracelet.

The classic blue topaz tennis bracelet

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