What is age but a number? Isn’t it how we feel rather than being labelled 50 or 60? I know they say 50 is the new 30 but I believe it all comes down to how at peace we feel, about who we are, at whatever biological age we may be.

There is most definitely a certain grace that comes with time, a gratefulness for the days and moments we have but there is also so much pressure applied to women to look beautiful always, the un-attainable external beauty myth.

I often joke with my girlfriends that a man has it easy or easier as he ages; grey hair is distinguished on a guy, going bald is kind of sexy, a man too thin is a turn off, a big nose is masculine and interesting and if a guy has acne scars, well it’s very Robert Redford!

If, as women, we are lucky enough to be given the gift of time here, there are most definitely many things we can do to look and feel fabulous, fresh and stylish.

Most importantly be YOU! We all have our own individual style and if you have a signature look or feature, work it!!

I will never, ever cut my hair. It’s my thing and I like it. I will most definitely be the 80 year old with the long silver mane and it will be a joy.


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There is much versatility to enjoy with longer hair so keep your options open about your hair length and hair style in the future.

Keep makeup application simple and fresh. One mistake many women make, as the years march on, is to gradually apply heavier make up in some kind of attempt to defy ageing but this does not work. Keep foundation simple and light, see a makeup artist/specialist to make sure you are wearing the right foundation tone for your skin colour. Remember this can vary in summer and winter. Invest the time to get this right.

Your eyebrows frame your face so it’s important that your brows are shaped and coloured correctly. As we age you may notice hair loss from the outer section of your brow. Invest in seeing an eyebrow technician to have your brows regularly waxed and coloured or tattooed. Tattooing your brows can make such a difference to your look. Just ensure you have the right colour and shape before you proceed. The feathering tattoo look is wonderful.

As far as make-up goes I always keep it fresh and light during the day. A light foundation, a touch of blush and mascara and a pop of lip colour.   If your lips are your favourite feature, go for a bold colour on the lip. For an evening out you can definitely add some drama by going heavier with your eye makeup, foundation and blush.

Be sure to work out your colours. Discover what works best for you, this includes your make up colours and best colour choices for your wardrobe.


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With your wardrobe keep it simple. One of my favourite mottos in life! Less, is so often more. Choose a colour palate with your clothing that is timeless and stylish. I know it sounds boring but black, navy blue, cream and white are absolute wardrobe staples. Add shots of colour to this basic wardrobe and you will be on a winner. I introduce colour through a stunning silk or cashmere scarf and even an animal print in a shoe to accentuate a look. You don’t have to spend a fortune, be smart, wait for the sales and shop for distance not fads.


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Be sure to invest in clothing that fits well and is good for your shape. Low rise jeans are probably not as flattering as a mid to high rise jeans

on many women. Consult a tailor or seamstress if pants don’t fall quite the way they should. Shop with a good friend for an honest opinion. Stay away from loud colours and over the top florals unless you have money to burn, as once you wear these pieces a few times, you can tire of them easily.

Most importantly wear your clothes – don’t let them wear you and wear them with confidence and ease. If you have invested time and effort into an outfit it will show, so wear it with some sassiness! The biggest winner with any outfit is a warm smile and inner glow!

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