The Little Black Dress by Chanel

This winter I was faced with the first world problem of finding the Perfect Little Black Dress (LBD). My existing winter LBD life expectancy has reached its expiry date.

I looked here and there to no avail and quickly the search verged on an obsession… I became desperate… where could my LBD be hiding??

It got me thinking.. Why are we so obsessed about the perfect LBD?

Yes it’s a staple in a woman’s wardrobe but why do we all have one (or two or three) and how do we know when we have found THE ONE?

To answer these questions, turn back time to Paris of last century…..

Coco Chanel was revolutionizing the world with her comfortable designs in jersey and liberating women from the horrors of uncomfortable corsetry.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

In 1926 French Vogue published images of a simple, elegant short black dress by Chanel. The colour black was a radical departure from the usual. Black had traditionally been the dress code for mourning.

The concept of Chanel’s LBD entered popular culture and was quickly adopted by Chanel’s disciples.  The rest is history!

The Black Dress was coined Chanel’s Ford by Vogue after the Model T as it was accessible to women of all socio economic backgrounds. “The Frock “ all women would wear.

Adjectives often used to describe the wearer of a fabulous LBD are perennial, stylish and elegant.

Now you know why we are obsessed about the perfect LBD. It’s all about the perception of being perennial, stylish and elegant.

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