The MOTHER of all SPF

I first meet Tandia Walsh during a Crown Jewels shoot a decade ago. Tandia was only sixteen at the time.

A decade later, Tandia has her own innovative and game changing skin care business, Mother SPF with pal, Elle Peter. 

In April 2016 Tandia started researching and experimenting with natural ingredients to create an organic skin block.

The catalyst behind this was her Mum’s recent leukemia diagnosis.

Tandia became obsessed about the toxins in cleaning and skincare products.

With her background in marine biology, the research was relatively easy and she quickly taught herself anything additional.    

Tandia was now preoccupied about SPF and how ingredients used in the sun block would interact and produce toxins. 

Today there are 9 ingredients in Mother SPF. The main ingredient, zinc oxide, reflects UV rays by sitting on top of the skin and forming a barrier.

Testing took 2 years as the product is an all SPF and deemed to be a drug which is regulated by medical testing.

Mother SPF is so easy to wear.

Apply your moisturiser, put on Mother SPF and wait 10 minutes to go into the sun. 

Mother is SPF30 which means it blocks 97% of the sun’s rays.

The ëntire supply chain (tubes, ingredients and packaging) is Australian made.

I really disliked wearing sunblock as more often than not it aggravated my sensitive skin or caused breakouts.  Now I happily apply Mother to my skin as it doesn’t give me any grief.  It is a very clean and simple product to use.  

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Other clever skin products are currently being developed but Mum’s the word!!

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