The New Website by Crown Jewels

I am a tad excited about Crown Jewels new website.

A few months in the making and here it is….

Ta da…

Our brilliant web designer, Melissa Madgwick, from Brand Dominance, has made life so much easier for you to shop online. 

An easy scroll down Home Page featuring New Arrivals, Our Current Collections, our latest Blogs and Instagram posts.

Yay to fabulous close up images of the jewels you select, when you click into the initial image. This gives you a true representation of what you would like to purchase.

A taste of New Jewels featured on the website!!

It took 5 years to find THE RIGHT Rose Quartz stones again but it was worth it! Crown Jewels new oval Rose Quartz Ring. A simple oval double cut stone which you can wear with pastels, navy, white, prints and the list goes on! Featured in the New Arrivals.

Crown Jewels new season Whimsical Collection in pastels is sublime and very feminine.  See this earring soon with new pieces from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Don’t forget to consider the matching bracelet!  So WOW on!

Enjoy looking through and shopping on Crown Jewels new website!!

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