The Thai Experience By Lisa Corser

At the tail end of our overseas trip, we spent 6 days in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Once we had settled into our hotel the first thing I did was google, Trip Advisor, to find out what fellow travellers had rated the best things to do in Ko Samui.

The resounding number One entry was The Thai Experience. No need to deliberate, I promptly called to try and organise a night of cooking, eating and sampling their delicious cocktails.

My contact point was Richard, one of the founders of The Thai Experience. The concept has taken off so well it was booked out over the nights we were there but Richard put together another evening of 20 guests so we could experience this fun night out.

What is The Thai Experience? The concept was developed in Argentina by one of the founders, who worked as an adventure leader, travelling around Latin America. He would take groups of up to 20 people from all over the world to experience Argentina. What was difficult was finding a restaurant to seat so many people after a day of adventuring.

So the concept was born in Buenos Aires. The aim of The Experience is to bring together a group of travellers for a night of great food and beverages, with a Western twist, while passively learning about the local culture in an interactive way.

The Argentinian Experience has done so well it is now housed in a spacious new custom built space in the heart of trendy Palermo Hollywood district in Buenos Aires. Due to the success of this model, The Experience, then decided to expand to Ko Samui, Thailand.

The Thai Experience was well organised. We were collected and dropped back to our accommodation, which was quite frankly the only way to go. The experience begins with

Thai Food

a Thai inspired cocktail, introductions, then you are seated for a wonderful night of cocktail making, shared travel tales and a stunning menu. Richard, our host, was exactly the right kind of guy to keep you entertained and informed, while keeping the night moving at a cracking pace.

Thai Food 2

The 15 dish, three course menu was comprehensive and complimentary. A wonderful fusion of different flavours matched with cocktails or beer. There are vegetarian options and mocktails available if you have any dietary requirements.

We loved the experience and would thoroughly recommend to anyone heading to Ko Samui.

What’s in the pipeline for The Experience?

Richard tells me he is heading to Mexico to set up the third Experience next year. Richard and some of the team will research all things Mexican and come up with a menu that will appeal and be interesting to a diverse Western palate. And I’m guessing there will be some Tequila based cocktails!

Definitely worth while and worth the rating on trip advisor!

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