Try a Magnesium Flake Bath tonight By Lisa Corser

It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s been a pretty intense winter.

If you are a bath fanatic like I am – there is nothing more soothing than indulging in a warm bath with some Magnesium bath flakes and essential oils.

Why Magnesium bath flakes over Epsom Salts? Magnesium flakes are made from Magnesium chloride as opposed to Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts).

Adding Magnesium flakes to your bath is an excellent way to ensure your body is absorbing the Magnesium it needs. Magnesium assists with calcium levels, heart health, muscle cramps, nausea, anxiety, hydration, boosting energy levels and assists in a great nights sleep. It’s a wonderful relaxant.

These flakes are completely natural and are five times stronger than Epsom Salts, provided you purchase the right brand.

Elektra Magnesium Mineral Salt Flakes (food grade) are fantastic. I have just purchased these online from Nourished Life. I have done what was recommended and put about five flakes per day into my drinking water, (1.25litres). I also bathe with the flakes and have been having the best sleeps and amazing dreams!

Magnesium Flakes

Elektra Magnesium Salt Flakes from $12.95


Amazing Oils Organic Magnesium Bath Flakes:

These flakes are sourced right here in WA. Great absorption and leave your skin feeling so silky smooth and nourished. I always like to support local business and can recommend this brand with confidence.


Magnesium Pain Relief

Amazing Oils Magnesium Bath flakes $24.95


Cain and Able Magnesium Bath Salts – Rosemary and Lavender

I thought the marketing and packaging of this product was clever. I also like the fact they have added essential oils to the bath salts. I am a very sensory person and love nothing more than the smell of oils around my home and while bathing.


Cain and Able Magnesium Bath Salts - $19.95

Cain and Able Magnesium Bath Salts - $19.95


This product is made with magnesium chloride, magnesium sulphate and essential oils. I like the oil mixed with flakes so this was a winner with me!



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