There has been a lot written and even more debated about the benefits and pitfalls of fasting. Over my health journey I have tried pretty much every detox, diet and eating or fasting regime imaginable.

I received a notification about Tyler Tolman on social media. Something about this man caught my eye and as I read further I was intrigued. He was doing an Australian tour and information evening so my partner and I decided to find out more.


Tyler Tolman


I have to say I was impressed. The 3 hour presentation went in a flash and the facts, testimonials and details flowed like a mountain spring of fresh, clear water!

He is an absolute advocate and devotee of both juice and water fasting. He offers 7, 14 and 21 day fasts in Bali. You can also fast at home and be supported by Tyler and his team, online.

But first lets start with some detail ……

Tyler has spent many years studying the lifestyle and dietary habits of Ancient Civilisations. Ancient Egyptians were practicing fasting and eating a raw diet 1000s of years ago. Tyler has studied these dietary habits along with those of many other ancient cultures and explains there is no co-incidence they lived such healthy lives considering their limited technology.

Tyler discusses the 7 steps to fast track your health. He explains that disease (dis-ease), is caused by two main factors:

Toxicity and Nutritional Deficiency.

It’s a scary fact that Australia per capita of population is now considered the most obese nation in the world. Yes, we are now even bigger than our fellow Americans.  One in two people will die of cancer and the incidence of diabetes has increased radically over the past 10 years.

So what can you do to help safe guard yourself from becoming one of these statistics?

Step 1:                        Remove toxicity

Eat an organic, clean diet. Do not consume anything in plastic wrappers or tins. Don’t eat anything with additives. If you have to use a product in a can, carefully read what the food actually contains and go organic all the way.

Be mindful what you are putting on your skin topically. Be aware of chemically laden shampoos and conditioners and body creams. Be particularly mindful of deodorants. Do not use a deodorant with aluminium or any other harmful ingredients on the label.

Step 2:                        Drink more water

Tyler suggests up to 4 litres of water per day depending on your weight. He recommends 1 litre of water per 22 kilos of body weight. Always drink water out of a glass bottle NOT plastic. You can add a pinch of pink Himalayan mineral salt in your water as this aids with hydration.

Step 3:                        Clean out your colon

Having a blocked colon is a huge cause of disease. You should be going to the toilet AFTER EVERY MEAL – within 45minutes to 1 hour. If you are not you are suffering from constipation to some extent.

Tyler highly recommends a 4 day Colon Cleanse and also a professional colonic hydrotherapy mid way through your colon cleanse.

Step 4:                        Fasting

Tyler believes you should regularly give your body a break from eating food. Digestion takes an enormous amount of energy, so when we allow our body a break from food, the body has extra energy to heal and repair itself.

A juice fast is great as it floods the body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, without taxing the body with digestion.

Step 5:                        Eat Whole Foods

Really increase the amount of plant based foods you eat. Increase your nuts, fruits seeds, grains and roots. Create an eating plan that is high in whole foods, that are plant based and move toward a plant based diet.

Step 6:                        Love, movement and passion

Health is so much more than food and exercise. Enjoying life, having fun, a good belly laugh, doing what you love, being passionate about life and finding your passion and most importantly having loving, positive relationships is the most important thing you can do for you. Remember its not the quantity of people in your life rather the QUALITY of friendships and love you have in your life. This is a huge contributor to your health and vitality.

Step 7:                        Praxis

The Latin word meaning = practice.

We are only as healthy and happy as the food we eat and the people we surround ourselves with.

Tyler recommends establishing a routine of healthy eating, exercise, fun, passion and regular cleansing and fasting.

Right now you can go online and sign up for his FREE online juice fast. He sells his Heal Thyself @ Home package, a 3 day Heal Thyself Express intensive, 5 Day Praxis program, 7 Day Self Care Adventure and his 30 Day Heal Thy Self live in Program in Bali.

Go online and read the testimonials and educate yourself more about Tyler Tolman, his philosophy and beliefs and see if this is something that resonates with you. I am definitely going to embark on the 7 Day Juice Fast and will let you know how I go.


‘Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast”   Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


  • I was part of the real success the past weekend of tge 20th of February 2022. I found your lexture the most interesting. I started intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago and your information encouraged me to continue. My diet is a mix of veg and meat, i am hopibg in the future to try and go pkant base. It is going to be a process. Thank you Tylor.

    Natalie Taft
  • On webinar right now. I’m extremely impressed with your program.

    Deborah Sanders

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