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It is always so inspiring to spend time with people who have made changes to their lives and are now reaping the benefits.

One such person is my friend Kate, who since last September has lost 18 kilos and is still losing weight!

Kate is a very clever, motivated and athletic woman.

Kate confessed for some years, SHE was on the back burner.

Kate was no longer a priority in her life!

Her time was exercising outside to exert herself and decrease stress in her life. Exercise had disappeared due to injury. Prior to injuring herself, Kate was super fit. Kate was running half marathons. Unfortunately Kate suffered from an injury and didn’t stop exercising which made matters worse.

Kate was running half marathons. Unfortunately Kate suffered from an injury and didn’t stop exercising which made matters worse.

Weight slowly began to creep on and not monitoring and being thoughtful about the way she was eating didn’t help her weight.

A demanding career and work pressures resulted in more cortisol running and cravings for foods which put weight on.

This all culminated in impacting on her wellbeing as no structured exercise and lack of a good diet had gone out the window. Over time, Kate’s weight crept up.

18 months ago Kate changed her GP as no matter what she did, she could not lose weight. Her new GP was brutally frank with her after doing Kate’s full bloods. In no uncertain terms, Kate’s GP told her… You are over weight!! The two talked about eating habits and Kate tried The Mosley diet. It wasn’t for her.

Kate revisited her new GP for other issues and consequently was recommended the Mediterranean diet for 8 weeks. This is a diet low in carbs, no sugar, only eating certain types of fresh fruit not sugar laden and eating protein.  Kate was initially highly skeptical about this diet and way of living.

Mediterranean diet for 8 weeks

There and then Kate made the decision to give up her evening glasses of wine with cheese and crackers and other culinary delights (Kate loves cooking and is very good at it.)

Kate had stumbled onto the diet for her. Initially Kate started losing weight easily by controlling her portions, eating more vegetables and weighing and counting calories. The weight literally fell off her, 8.5 kilos in the first month

Kate is a huge advocate of partnering with your GP to attain your ideal weight. Kate said her GP acted as her encourage coach and cheer squad.

Today Kate is full of energy and feels so much healthier. All her aches and pains have gone and she is currently in injury rehabilitation.

Kate’s take on dieting is… find a lifestyle that works for you.

Kate is aiming to be a size 12 and lose another 7 kilos. I have no doubt she will achieve this.

There are amazing recipes in the book below that Kate highly recommends.  

find a lifestyle that works for you.

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